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Maitri Light Mediums

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Maitri Light is a unique and a profound process done under the guidance of Divine Friend Maitreya Dadashreeji. Please read all information underneath.


Form to fill upon completion of Maitri Light service:


Maitri Light Guidelines for Mediums

Being a Maitri Light Medium is an honor and a blessing under the guidance and Grace of Maitreya Dadashreeji. Therefore, there is the need to comply to the following Guidelines to ensure a positive communication and selfless service for Givers/Mediums and those who request for help through MBP. By accepting to be trained and providing the service, you agree to comply with the following guidelines, which are meant to ensure a positive and safe experience for all users of your blessed Seva.

To Become a Medium, member:

- Has attended Bodh 1 and /or received MaitriShakti Pravaah

- Has created a profile and joined group ‘Parivaar Members’ on website / app

- Has filled the volunteer form (

Post Training, medium:

- Needs to join group ‘Maitri Light Mediums’ on website / app and respond to Maitri Light requests.

- Needs to give Maitri Light at least once every 3 months. Failure to do so requires retraining.

Maitri Light Process:

1. Mediums should offer Maitri Light when a request is posted in the group

2. Connect with the seeker based on designated date / time.

3. If seeker is receiving Maitri Light for first time, explain about Maitri Light, Maitri Bodh Parivaar and Maitreya Dadashreeji

4. Give Maitri Light and inform seeker when the process is complete.

5. Provide link of website ( to the seeker if they wish to explore more

6. Document the Maitri Light using the Maitri Light Form (

Other Guidelines:

1. All services, including Maitri Light requests among mediums, need to be requested and serviced through our website / app in order to be considered as completed.

2. Follow the General Guidelines provided in the three documents available in the Maitri Light group and during the training.

3. Privacy and Data Usage: Data may be collected for analytics purposes to improve our service.

4. Intellectual Property:

- Mediums must respect the intellectual property rights of MBP by not sharing the documents provided for the purpose of servicing as Maitri Light Givers.

- Do not upload, share, or distribute materials without permission.

5. Medium Conduct:

- Be respectful and courteous to the people who request services and our team.

- Avoid engaging in any behavior that may disrupt or harm the community.

6. Support and Feedback:

- For assistance or questions, contact our support team.

- We welcome your feedback to help us enhance our Maitri Light service.

7. Termination:

- We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your Seva due to violating these guidelines.

- Maitri Light Givers will be notified of any such actions.

8. Modifications to Guidelines:

- These guidelines may be updated from time to time, and users will be informed of changes.

- Continued use of the service after changes implies acceptance of the updated guidelines.


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Additional Maitri Light Notes
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