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Agni Online

Dear Friends

We will be starting havan mantra chanting and learn how to set up and conduct both basic as well as Bodh 2 havan's. There will be 6 session conducted by Mitra Prawesh ji

Chanting training Sessions will commenced on Sunday June 4th @9pm EST//6pm PST//Mon 6:30 am IST

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▪️Learn mantra chanting only.

▪️Learn set and and perform basic havan for special occasions/prayers to spread peace, positive and Transformation

▪️ Learn how to set up and offer Bodh 2 havan seva.

Maitri havan is an act of Love, a calling of a seeker to the Divine,/Source. Agni (Fire) is the fastest medium to convey our prayers Divine . While chanting sacred mantras during the havan enhances vibration frequency of the environment and one easily experience spiritual growth and Transformation.

Maitri Havan

▪️cleanses and purifies the environment

▪️ Helps to strengthen our bond with our Divine

▪️ removes the root cause of suffering

▪️ enhances our spiritual growth

Havan Mantra training sessions

Date : Sundays ( 6 session) 4th June

Time: 9 PM EST // 6pmPST// Mon 6:30 am IST

Duration: 1 hour.

Conductor: Mitra Prawesh ji- Ashwas Heart- From India.

💞 Zoom link:

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Meeting ID: 843 9094 1275

Passcode: PremJyoti7


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