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Schedule a personal interaction with one of our trained members to

  • Receive guidance on various areas of life

  • Unburden yourself by sharing what you are going through

  • Receive positive energy to move towards your goals

Let's Talk Team

Our trained group of diverse professionals

You can book a personal interaction with any of our members listed below

Juhi Kapoor

Juhi Kapoor

Administrative Secretary for NYU Langone Health

Pooja Chiplunkar

Pooja Chiplunkar

Hospitality professional
Yoga and Pilates instructor

Manas Maheshwari

Manas Maheshwari

Software Professional (ERP/CRM/Integration/RPA)

Maulika Gupta

Maulika Gupta

Cyber Security, PMO

Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith

Sports and Yoga Coach

Dr Vineet Agrawal

Dr Vineet Agrawal

General Surgeon, Education Solutions Specialist, Facilitator

Meredith Smythe

Meredith Smythe

Physical Therapist

Youth guidance  Group sessions

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Schedule a personal interaction with our  trained members


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Get involved in our social initiatives to support Mother Earth

YGPT Programs
YGPT Vision

Youth For Global Peace and Transformation (YGPT) is a youth initiative of Maitribodh Parivaar which was started in the year 2013 under the guidance of Maitreya Dadashreeji - with the vision to empower and transform youth.

YGPT is a team of young people who have the passion to serve humanity. YGPT not only brings together well-established professionals and students, but also gives youth a new direction YGPT takes up special social projects based on the need of the community and society.

MaitriBodh Parivaar is a family of friends bonded by a common mission to develop, nurture, and strengthen the human bond of love and friendship. MaitriBodh Parivaar’s work is aimed at transforming humanity through self-realization and preparing humanity to enter the new era of universal love and peace. MaitriBodh Parivaar is among the prominent socio-spiritual organizations of India, working to improve the lives of people in the society.


“To transform the youth by engaging, empowering and harnessing their full potential, as catalysts of change, to create a united, loving and peaceful world”.


Grounded in our commitment to peace and transformation, our mission aims to connect and mobilize youth globally, through:

  • Youth guidance and capability building

  • Community service and collaborative partnerships

  • Climate change initiatives

  • Inner transformation

  • Leadership development


Our values for peace and transformation - these describe how we live in the world as ideal youth.

  • True Knowledge

  • True Friendship

  • Energy & Passion

  • Innovativeness

  • Service Beyond Self

  • Love & Harmony

  • One Global Family

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