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Happy Heart Program 

What is the happy heart program and its benefits?

It comprises of three (2 hour long) sessions hosted every Saturday, for three consecutive weeks. The program is conducted in English language.


Every session is interactive, including Q&A.

The participant is made to experience a simple yet powerful spiritual process at the end of each session, that is aimed at addressing the root cause of the problem. 

What can I learn from the 3 different sessions?

The first session is called “Mental Detox”. This is designed for individuals seeking to understand the root cause of stress, how it impacts the body and cultivate easy practical ways to beat stressors. 

The second session is called “Happy Healthy Us” is focused on relationships

  • Learn about the 3 types of relationships, and how to prioritize your focus and attention

  • ​Discover the practical steps and solutions to common relationship challenges​

  • Experience and learn a profound exercise to help with your relationship challenges

The third session is called “Life in Balance” focused on findings the right balance in our busy lives

  • Learn how to better manage restlessness, sleeplessness, pressure, tension, and the feeling of being overwhelmed​

  • Discover 3 practical solutions, to help you relieve pressure and maintain balance in your life​

  • Experience and learn a simple exercise that you can practice daily, to better help deal with the above challenges


Can I sign up for one session at a time?

Yes, you can sign up for either one session or sign up for the entire series (3 sessions).


For those interested, there will be one free session before the series to give you a preview of the entire program. Scroll down for details. 

How do I register for the program/sessions?

You can click the 'buy now' option and purchase the session of your choice or the entire program. Once your payment is completed, within 48 hours you will receive an email with the links to join the session. 

What is the cost of each session / entire program?

Each session is $18 and the entire program is $34 (including sales tax)

What is the platform through which these sessions are hosted?

The platform is zoom app which can be accessed via mobile phone or laptop or any hand held device.

What is the duration of each session?

2 hours

Will I learn any meditation or self-improvement techniques during these sessions?

Yes, you will be given practices after every session and will be taught powerful yet simple techniques to address the root cause of the problems you face. 

Contact for any further questions:

Ready to Join Us

Free Happy Heart Series Preview

Upcoming Session:

26 March 2022 | 12-12:30pm EST

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Mental Detox (Session 1) 

Upcoming Session:

02 April 2022 | 12-2pm EST

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Happy Healthy Us (Session 2) 

Upcoming Session:

09 April 2022 | 12-2pm EST

Life In Balance (Session 3) 

Upcoming Session:

16 April 2022 | 12-2pm EST


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Happy Heart Series (All Sessions)

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