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Refill yourself with positive energy

What is Maitri Light?

Maitri Light is a highly effective and profound energy process, that represents a rare combination of a powerful prayer and healing (Pray-Ling). Through the channelling of positive universal energies, Maitri Light can be requested for any physical, mental and emotional relief.

Why request Maitri Light?

In today’s world, we could all do with a quick boost of positive energy. Whether you are suffering from physical, mental or emotional pain, or experiencing a drain or dip in energy levels, we are here to help.



~ Brings physical, mental and emotional relief


~ Removes blockages, dissolves energy drains and self-created obstacles that are stopping you from growing in your life


~ Removes negativity and energises you with love, positivity and lightness


Helps you to respond positively to situations that they may be going through in life

How is it delivered?

~The entire process lasts for 10 minutes

~ Free of cost

Maitri Light Form
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