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Let's Talk Team

Juhi Kapoor

Administrative Secretary for NYU Langone Health

I have been a part of YGPT since 2021 and love having the opportunity to serve humanity as a volunteer for this initiative. In my free time, I love spending time with my family and friends, and supporting them in any way I can!

Professionally I work in Healthcare Administration for NYU Langone Health, and am truly passionate of what I do because I can better support all those that are underrepresented in the healthcare system and help get them equal and quality access to healthcare!

Meredith Smythe

Physical Therapist

Meredith has always had a range of interest and passions. Meredith trained as an actor and director with a BA in Dramatic arts: always a story teller, and writer.

Taught English for the French Embassy for two years: one in elementary school and one with high school and middle school where she also taught drama. She also taught English at an Engineering University in Quito, Ecuador.

Meredith also was a writer and wrote for social justice periodicals at UNC chapel hill as well as poetry and plays.

Meredith loved helping people and social justice and wanted to be human rights lawyer growing up. All her activity including plays and participating in Amnesty International letter writing campaigns for years. She loves bringing people together. In DC she helped organize an interfaith March for Peace on embassy row that 11,000 people attended, all the major religious intuitions took part in with Desmond Tutu as the keynote speaker. While doing this and other NGO internships in Washington D.C. she decided she could not work desk job with a lot of paperwork for a living.

Being a long-time athlete as a swimmer, runner, and soccer player she decided she want to help people heal through physical therapy. She got her Doctorate of physical therapy from UNC Chapel and now works at an outpatient orthopedic/ neurological clinic. Always seeking to feel Love and the Truth she found Maitri Bodh Parivaar and has been an active Maitreyi since 2018. She has years experience with mentoring young women. She has also taught English, teaching swimming lessons, and supporting and teaching physical therapy students. Meredith has also studied yoga asana since she was 14 years old and teaches yoga.

Meredith was a member and lead of YGPT and mentored others in the group. She enjoys connecting to Mother Earth, singing, dancing, and speaking other languages.

As a Physical therapist with doctorate in physical therapy at outpatient clinic, her clinic mostly sees older adults. She sees both neuro and orthopedic population. Her passion is helping people get back to doing what they love to do and using movement as medicine. She integrates yoga postures/ asanas as therapeutic exercise.

Dr Vineet Agrawal

General Surgeon, Education Solutions Specialist, Facilitator

A general surgeon by qualification, Education Solutions Manager at Johnson and Johnson Private Limited, India, from 2016 to 2022 where he designed and executed training programs for surgeons, the internal sales and marketing teams; for India as well as Asia Pacific teams.

He’s an active member of MaitriBodh Parivaar, a sociospiritual organization, where he offers voluntary services including people and team trainings, execution of various projects and overseeing various departments. Vineet strongly believes that all of us can find our inner guide, and have the ability to design the life we want to live. His core expertise is to help people understand and experience Inner Silence and Emotional Stability, which he utilised to develop and lead a passive listening service called I Listen U, centred around inner silence of the listeners.

Vineet is a Consultant Facilitator at International Academy of Transformative Leadership where he designs and develops programs centred around listening. In his present role, he has been a key member in designing, developing and delivering the Transformative Listening program.

Under the guidance of Maitreya Dadashreeji, Founder-Visionary of International Academy of Transformative Leadership, Vineet has himself been on the Journey of Transformation and has been specially trained to deliver the experience in others.

Manas Maheshwari

Software Professional (ERP/CRM/Integration/RPA)

I am solution engineer working with Salesforce. I work with customers (IT/Business/C-Executives) to understand their business goals, digital transformation initiatives, current challenges and design technology solutions these initiatives to demonstrate the art of possible. This helps customers to understand how they can achieve their business goals using new technologies with accelerated speed.

I am also responsible to work closely with Sales, Product development and Marketing team to provide feedback from customers for product improvement and to educate these teams on industry trends.

I'm passionate for innovation, history and technology, always keen to learn new skills, open for new ideas, creative, avid reader and a spiritual seeker.

Pooja Chiplunkar

Hospitality professional
Yoga and Pilates instructor

I was born in East Africa and have lived/worked in various countries including & India, Mauritius and the UAE.

I am passionate about sharing knowledge and helping others and my hobbies are reading , playing tennis , and playing the piano.

Currently I work as an Inflight instructor for Safety procedures and Service standards where I
- Facilitate the entire suite of Inflight safety and service training programs as assigned.
- Instruct to promote learning and improve performance using quality instruction and facilitation techniques

Jacob Smith

Sports and Yoga Coach

Living a life with the teachings of his guide and friend Maitreya Dadashreeji, Jacob is experiencing a life filled with love and happiness. He is blessed to work in not just one, but two professional careers that are passions of his.

Whether it is guiding on the mat or the soccer field, Jacob is always looking to bring out the best in you!

Maulika Gupta

Cyber Security, PMO

My name is Maulika. I grew up in Mumbai and have been living in Jersey City for the past 7 years.

I'm part of KPMG’s transformation pillar, implementing secure cyber practices for securing client’s environment and reducing data risks

I am a problem solver and love doing CrossFit and dancing at times.

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