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Dear Friends, Namaste

Hope you are doing well.

Navratri Havans are being conducted from 15th Oct - 23rd Oct, 2023, at our Maitri Centre of Transcendence and Transformation (ShantiKshetra Premgiri Ashram). One can request a VYAKTIGAT MAITRI HAVAN (INDIVIDUAL) or SANKALP MAITRI HAVAN (COLLECTIVE) VYAKTIGAT MAITRI HAVAN (INDIVIDUAL) Vyaktigat Maitri Havans are rituals which are done for an individual or family. An individual can request for any prayer to be offered through the process of Maitri Havan.

The Vyaktigat Maitri Havan process will be done exclusively for you with a dedicated havan kund. You would be able to participate in the Havan and offer āhutis (oblations) into the sacred fire (if you're planning to visit the ashram in India. To learn more, please visit the site and fill the registration form (no payment required for filling form). Our team will get in touch with you. SANKALP MAITRI HAVAN (COLLECTIVE) Sankalp Maitri Havans are conducted for pre-defined sankalps (prayers) on auspicious days. An individual may book a havan for any of the sankalps defined as per the auspicious days. The Sankalp Maitri Havans are done in your absence on your behalf. However, you may participate in the process from your own homes.

Sankalp 1 - Relationship: May there be love, peace and harmony in my relationships.

Sankalp 2 - Education: May I be a true student of life and achieve success in education.

Sankalp 3 - Overcome Obstacles: May I receive strength and courage to face and overcome challenges and obstacles that I'm going through currently.

Sankalp 4 - Good Health (Arogya): May I be blessed with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being (Arogya).

Sankalp 5 - Fulfilling Life: May I live a fulfilling life in alignment with the universal consciousness and harmony with Mother Earth.

Sankalp 6 - Success and Prosperity: May I be blessed with financial and material success, and experience abundance and prosperity in life.

Sankalp 7 - Protection: May I be protected from all unwanted energies and influences that may hinder my growth.

Sankalp 8 - Forgiveness: May I be able to forgive myself for the hurt that I have caused others and receive the strength to overcome hurdles in my life.

Sankalp 9 - Spiritual Growth: May I experience Transformation and move towards fulfilling the purpose of my life.

To learn more and register, please visit the site


Prayers have the power to completely transform a being and e...
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