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Prayers & Devotion

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Dear Family

Maitri havan is an act of Love, a calling of a seeker to the Divine,/Source. Agni (Fire) is the fastest medium to convey our prayers Divine . While chanting sacred mantras during the havan enhances vibration frequency of the environment and one easily experience spiritual growth and Transformation.

Maitri Havan

  1. cleanses and purifies the environment

  2. Helps to strengthen our bond with our Divine

  3. removes the root cause of suffering

  4. enhances our spiritual growth

We will be starting Maitri Havan mantra chanting and learn how to set up and conduct both basic as well as Bodh 2 havans. There will be 6 session conducted by Mitra Prawesh ji

Chanting training Sessions will commenced on Sunday June 4th @9pm EST//6pm PST//Mon 6:30 am IST

Please use the poll below to indicate your interest to attend.

Which sessions you would like to participate in?

  • Learn mantra chanting only

  • Learn & perform basic havan for special occasions / prayers

  • Learn how to set up and offer Bodh 2 havan seva


Prayers have the power to completely transform a being and e...
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